Recently remarkable developments have come up in science which have by now resulted in many worlds outside our solar system since the first one was spotted in the nineties. Where scientists, philosophers talk about possible extra terrestrial life and seem to put out the question which was also asked half way the 20th century, ‘Where are they ?‘ ( Fermi’s paradox ) spiritual teachers seem to see to it not to neglect the way in.

It seems a nice balance is enclosed in this image, the pleasure of finding things out, of moving in the world, to think, to search, to do things, which is what science does, and the way spiritual teachers necessarily deal with in their own way, which by the way clearly embraces the previously mentioned scientific path as well.


Picture: Jan Dirk Verveen

In these New Age times several matters come together. What seems to be the case is that scientists by now have started looking in a different way at the mysterious dark matter which used to be seen as boring and by now is considered very intriguing indeed.

The great masters of the planet do not necessarily talk about dark matter but also on daily matters, even the finest ones ( our own thought processes ), which at all times are well worth ‘witnessing’ according to them.

This is the area where such teachers by now seem to guide, support, inspire many others in their lives. But again .. they also insist on action, ‘There is no time’ J. Krishnamurti used to say frequently when he pointed at something for discussion.

It seems sure though that we live in remarkable times, which slowly, gently will lead us to an ever more stable understanding of matters which concern both spirit and the material. In time it seems that matter almost always creatively adapts to spirit.