Our Universe

Science presents us a universe which seems to have come out of a Big Bang. There seems to be little space in science for the miraculous, which is a pity since lovely things are going on, that also seem to inspire scientists. 
Crop circles for instance are geometric patterns both occurring in cereals like wheat, rye, barley, oats and in fields with turnip rape, mustard seed, carrots and potatoes. Also, remarkable patterns have been observed in snow, ice, sand and the hardened ground of a riverbed.

Courtesy : Steve Alexander

The crop formations appear to state that we are part of a mysterious reality, and part of an immense variety of evolutionary worlds, which are growing and developing slowly. The phenomenon appears to be a silent  partner of The Urantia Book, which came out more than twenty years before the crop circle phenomenon started around 1978.

Investigators are particularly challenged by this phenomenon, sometimes the BOL's ( Balls Of Light ), which have been observed near the formations are big as a skippyball, other times small like a butterfly. Sometimes they disappear into the ground, other times they vanish into the heavens. 

In the nineties, thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope, not only the spiral galaxies, but also the ellipticals have been observed and filmed in completely new ways. Ellipticals are the oldest stargalaxies in the universe, and actually look like chandeliers !  Thus in a way they remind us of the crop formations, in terms of their beauty and shape.  

Courtesy : Space Telescope Science Institute 

Unfortunately though these pictures are not easy to find anymore.  In my presentation I'll elaborate on this. In general things seems to evolve in a direction which is exciting and new. The great mystics of all ages have always told us that indeed we live in a fairy tale, in a way.  We just have to discover it.  

One questionmark for scientists is why ellipticals are only present in the direction of the center of the Milky Way, and not in the other direction.  The Urantia Book suggests that ellipticals are only present in these parts of the universe where evolutionary planets evolve. Ellipticals actually have a spiritual function, unlike spirals which function as homes for 'the evolving human races'.  

Courtesy : Steve Alexander

I give presentations on developments in science and culture and how these seem to be elegantly intertwined with the vision of 'realized' human teachers, books like The Urantia Book and crop circles.   It seems that, after almost one million years of human life developing, in this 21st century AD we have finally arrived in an era in which the exciting suggestion pops up  that indeed we live in challenging times.  

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